Wheels of Change: Information Application & Automobile Recipients

Our program receives donated automobiles, repairs them, and then presents them to single parents who do not have access to reliable transportation so that they can attend school or work and better both themselves and their families financially.

This application form below is to be filled out by the person/ organization/ business/ church who is sponsoring the applicant.

If you know a single parent who is attending school or working hard to provide for their family, and whose life would be positively and dramatically affected by receiving the gift of a refurbished car, please submit an application telling us about this person and why they should be considered.

All applications will be reviewed by the board of the Willie J. Perry Foundation whereupon a group of 5 finalists will be selected to participate in a series of three mandatory seminars based on merit regarding the responsibilities of owning a car. Finalists will then be tested on the knowledge they retained from the workshops/seminars and will be graded according to their understanding of what it takes to properly maintain and care for a refurbished automobile.

After having successfully completed the seminar courses and tests, finalists will then be reviewed by a special committee to determine the recipient of the automobile based on seminar attendance, test scores, and overall need.

Finally, applicants must have a valid driver’s license, the ability to acquire and maintain automobile insurance, and have not have any arrests for felonies or DUIs. A background check will be performed.

Good luck!

Application Form